16 Actions for 16 Days

This year the Gender Research Network at the University of Newcastle has created a list of 16 Actions, which aims at encouraging community members and local businesses to engage with the global 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women Campaign.  

These 16 Actions help the local Newcastle community to actively participate in this year’s campaign and ensure that Newcastle is doing what it can to fight violence against women. Our 16 Actions range from donating what you can afford to a local Women’s Domestic Violence support service to signing the petition for stronger consent laws in Australia.  

We challenge local businesses and community members to undertake as many of these 16 Actions as possible and help create awareness of gender-based violence in our local area.

Orange Your Community

Orange symbolises a brighter future and a world free from violence against women and girls. Help to turn Newcastle orange by buying some orange chalk and sharing our message on a local footpath or putting a sign in a prominent location or yarn bomb a local landmark. Take a photo and tag #16DaysNewy.

Support Local DV Services

Start a donation drive for a local Women’s DV service during the 16 Days of Activism. Collect financial donations from your workplace and community. Organise a drive to contribute wishlist items from your friends and neighbours for a local women’s refuge. We have compiled a list of local services and donation items.

Attend ‘What Were You Wearing?’  

An international traveling exhibit which aims to dispel common misconceptions about sexual assault. The Exhibition presents the clothing that survivors were wearing when they were sexually assaulted. It runs from November 27 to December 9 at Galerie Shangri-Lah, Newcastle.

Challenge Gender Stereotypes

Learn and adopt the A-Zs of Preventing Violence Against Women, which provides 26 practical actions you can incorporate in your day-to-day life that challenge gender stereotypes and promote respect and equality for women. These factsheets will arm you with the knowledge you need to have conversations that address the underlying and pervasive drivers of violence against women.

Orange Your Social Media

Orange your socials with some of our graphics or Zoom backgrounds or screensavers. Don’t forget to link to our FacebookInstagram, Twitter and use the hashtags: #16DaysNewy #16DaysofActivism 

Start a Book Club

Start a 16 Days of Activism Book club where you read and discuss books about combating domestic violence, promoting gender equality and respecting women. To get you started we recommend The Mother Wound by Amani Haydar, See What You Made Me Do by Jess Hill, She Is Not Your Rehab by Matt Brown and Fixed It by Jane Gilmore.

Support #StrongSafeFabulous

Family and intimate partner violence occurs in LGBTQ+ relationships at similar rates to the wider community, but an absence of conversation means there is a lack of awareness, acknowledgement, research and support available. The #StrongSafeFabulous website has tip-sheets, training videos, colouring in sheets, safety guides, a social media action toolkit and much more. 

Attend or arrange a workplace or community training to learn more about the role you can play in the prevention of violence against women, and the promotion of healthy, safe and equal relationships. You can find more information about training available here.

Listen to Women with Disability

The ABS report that women living with disability were nearly twice as likely as women without disability to have experienced violence by a partner over a 12-month period.  Listen to the stories of women living with disability who have experienced abuse and learn about the resources available to support these women. 

The Fair Agenda movement is working with survivors and policy advocates to fight for clear, consistent and culturally relevant definitions of consent across the country. Sign the Petition.

Orange Your Workplace

On November 25, wear orange, decorate your office with orange streamers or flowers, make orange lapel ribbons and make a sign that tells your co-workers why you have gone orange. Please tag us and use the hashtags: #16DaysNewy #16DaysofActivism 

Empower Men to Make Change

Attend our free webinar Men as Makers of Change with co-author of She is Not Your Rehab Matt Brown, Criminologist Dr Michael Salter and Family Law Expert Joplin Higgins.

Help Address Homelessness

Domestic violence is the single largest driver of homelessness for women in Australia. 42% of people who seek of specialist homelessness services have experienced family and domestic violence. Support Share the Dignity, Everybody’s Home, Awaba Park Pantry and the Samaritans Christmas Lunch.

Give the Gift of Gender Equality

Stock up on Christmas pressies that promote respect and equality for women. We love these earrings and Got Your Back Sista Gift Cards. Also check out Dangerous Females, Mettle Gifts and the White Ribbon Store.

Join Her Story, Our Story

Join the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts online campaign to create a safe anonymous space to allow girls and women to use their voice, strength and agency to speak out about their experiences of violence. You can share your survivor story or a message of solidarity and support with survivors.

Protest Gendered Violence LOUDLY

Wear the message loud and proud to show that you don’t condone violence of any kind towards women. Consider printing your own orange face mask or t-shirt to wear during the 16 Days of Activism and beyond!

We would like to acknowledge the work of the organisations we have drawn from in the production this list. Many thanks and respect to Newcastle Domestic Violence Committee, Our Watch, Women’s Safety NSW, Respect Victoria, Our Site, Women’s Safety Services SA. We also acknowledge the work of frontline and advocacy services across the country working tirelessly to create safer communities for women and girls.  

The Newcastle 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women Campaign is made possible due to support from the University of Newcastle’s Gender Research Network and City of Newcastle’s Social Inclusion Grants Program.

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