Men’s Behaviour Webinar

As part of the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women 2021, the Gender Research Network at the University of Newcastle invites people of all genders to a free webinar on new directions in men’s behaviour change. 

To end violence against women, there needs to be a fundamental shift within Australian cultural standards and a rejection of toxic forms of masculinity. A multi-faceted approach to creating this shift should integrate men’s behaviour change programs that are evidence based and have proven successful. Men as Makers of Change will be a conversation about the resources currently available to men in this country, and what alternatives we could be seeking to customise in the fight to eliminate violence against women in Australia.

Webinar recording also available here.


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MATT BROWN is an internationally acclaimed barber and the co-author of She Is Not Your Rehab. Matt shares his story of childhood family violence and sexual abuse with his barbershop clients to foster vulnerability, healing and connection. Through his work in the community, inside men’s prisons and at youth justice facilities, he hopes to redefine society’s view of masculinity and to help end the cycle of domestic violence. Matt’s work is based in New Zealand but is having a positive impact around the world. 

DR MICHAEL SALTER is a criminologist and the Scientia Associate Professor of Criminology at the School of Social Sciences, University of New South Wales. His interdisciplinary research spans criminology and mental health with a focus on complex trauma, violence and abuse. Key research areas include child sexual exploitation, technology-facilitated abuse and violence against women. He is currently the only academic member of the federal government Advisory Group to inform the next 10 year Commonwealth National Plan on Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence.

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JOPLIN HIGGINS is the Director of Joplin Lawyers. She primarily represents Family Law clients in complex cases involving family violence, sexual abuse and property matters. Joplin is a vocal and dynamic advocate for increasing the awareness of the prevalence of domestic violence in the community and a vigorous believer in the necessity of rehabilitation processes for the perpetrators of domestic violence. Selected as one of only ten Westpac Social Change Research Fellowships 2016 to further her work in domestic violence reduction programmes, Joplin is internationally recognised as a fearless leader and ‘vocal and dynamic advocate for domestic violence awareness’. Focused on making a difference, she is tackling the issues of domestic violence differently.

The Newcastle 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women Campaign is made possible due to support from the University of Newcastle’s Gender Research Network and City of Newcastle’s Social Inclusion Grants Program.

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