Understanding Coercive Control

Not all domestic abuse is physical, and some types of abuse can be hard to recognise. In fact, some people can live in an abusive relationship for years and not realise they’re experiencing abuse. Coercive control is a type of domestic abuse that can be harder to identify than some other types of abuse. It refers to a pattern of behaviours used by an abuser to control their partner and create an uneven power dynamic.

Coercive control is a silent and dangerous problem. It is the strongest predictive factor for a DV murder – 100% of DV homicides include previous coercive control (NSW Joint Parliamentary Enquiry into Coercive Control, June 2021).

Want to understand more about Coercive Control?

This information sheet created by the City of Newcastle, the Newcastle DV Committee and Hunter New England Health is a good place to start.

This powerful video by Got Your Back Sista also offers help.

You can also find the video here.

The Newcastle 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women Campaign is made possible due to support from the University of Newcastle’s Gender Research Network and City of Newcastle’s Social Inclusion Grants Program.

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